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Wanda tire | Chinese International Bicycle Exhibition on another gorgeous
Add Time:2017-06-09     Author:WANDA TYRE

In May 6, 2017, the twenty-seventh China International Bicycle Exhibition opened grandly in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition attracted more than 1200 enterprises from all over the world to come to the exhibition. Tianjin Wanda tire invited to bring a number of main products to participate in this event, many exhibitors in the brilliant show, and then lift colorful chapter!

The exhibition booth of Wanda tire, located at D0117 booth No. 1H, was bustling with crowds, attracting many audiences and new and old customers at home and abroad. As the mainstream supplier of the zero distribution market, Wanda tire has enjoyed a good reputation in the market for decades.

The main products China articles Wanda International bicycle exhibition debut - viper series. With the newly developed WDCT technology in 2016 and the special nano double formula technology, it is able to adapt to various road conditions and complex climatic conditions. It is the best choice for consumers, and has won high praise from customers!

Wanda tire as the establishment of 28 years of tire companies, with the help of the exhibition will be the company's main product series Viper recommend to clients at home and abroad, rigorous development, mature technology, stable quality, high service, attracting many customers consultation and communication, unusually hot!

The exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, however, the new era has arrived. As a benchmark enterprise in the Chinese tire industry, which was founded in 1988, Wanda tire looks forward to making great progress with you!

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