Wanda starts again, with double "secret weapons" return of the king
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Once a year the Chinese Northern International Exhibition of the party, except for those dazzling bicycles, electric cars, this is an important role. Tire. As a benchmark for China's tire industry, Wanda tire unveiled again this year.

It is reported that Wanda tire to participate in the north international exhibition has been 10 years, Wanda tire continuous innovation, as the ultimate fan Expo, Wanda tire every time to bring unexpected surprises, constantly refresh China tire enterprises "for the first time". This time, Wanda brought double "secret weapons" to the China north international exhibition.

In 2017, the latest technology products developed by Wanda's core technology team showed great splendor in the exhibition, which attracted the attention of other tire manufacturers and consumers. What are some of the advantages of the new generation of bicycle tyres, the VIPER - (Viper) series and the electric tire products - the "Scorpion King" products? Let's have a look.

Viper series:

With the newly developed WDCT technology in 2016 and the special nano double formula technology, it is a choice for consumers to adapt to all kinds of road conditions and complicated climatic conditions.

Scorpion King series:

Wanda research and development center is a self-developed sports products, the new SIPE tire shoulder design, increased control and safety double performance.

The 2017 (seventeenth) China north international bicycle and electric vehicle exhibition was held in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in from March 24th to 26th. The exhibition is one of China's most authoritative, market visibility and social attention of the highest exhibition, which naturally attracted the domestic and foreign well-known tire brand enthusiastic participation. Wanda tire exhibition is located at No. N6, T17.

It is reported that, in addition to products outside, still at the scene held Wanda tire singer, catwalk shows, quiz and other recreational activities to interact with the audience to participate, so that we experience a show feast.

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