The thirty-fourth China Jiangsu international new energy electric vehicle and Parts Fair
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"With ingenuity, by the beginning of the heart"

                                                                            ---Scorpion Wang Laixi

As the saying goes: "do not forget the beginning of the heart, the party must always" heart commitment and faith is the starting point, is the plight fulfill the responsibility, to the beginning of the heart of the bicycle and electric vehicle tyre twenty-eight years focused on the starting point of Tianjin Wanda tire after deeply understanding to this. The truth has been adhering to the "dedication, innovation, trust and dedication" as the core values of the enterprise, in order to bring consumers Wanda team of high-quality products, always adhering to the artisan spirit, create a "conscience" quality of tire products.

The time to meet with the vast number of consumers in the "thirty-fourth session of Jiangsu international Chinese new energy electric vehicles and spare parts fair" after the R & D team for two years day and night of exploration, the new product has finally launched a highly visual impact of the Scorpion King ""

  The Scorpion KingSCOR KING

  P1311 series

Extremely cater to the current trends in the electric car market: young, sports

Safety first: tread double main ditch design, when driving water road surface, it can quickly drain, enhance wetland grip, increase driving safety in rainy days;

Enhance abrasion: tread center block, refer to "scorpion" hard shell design, with special formula structure, improve wear-resisting mileage;

Improve sideslip: 3D diamond pattern, effectively remove the water film, improve the rainy turn, sideslip;

Steady driving: tire shoulders are introduced into the SIPE design to increase cornering grip;

Do you like this kind of sports pattern? Wanda tire and you have an agreement, let us meet in the same

Hall 6, Nanjing International Expo Center

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Wanda tire will give you a surprise, and you work together to build "health, safety, fashion, technology" of the electric car tire world!

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