Yadi first QC (quality control) activity in Tianjin Wanda tire runner up!
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Yadi first QC (quality control) activity in Tianjin Wanda tire runner up!

In January 16th, Tianjin held the first session of the Tianjin Yadi Yadi quality control (hereinafter referred to as: QC) initiative launched. The quality management department, the production management department, the material management department and some core suppliers are all involved in the entry. Tianjin Wanda tire Yadi company as the core suppliers invited to participate, and have achieved good results won the runner up.

Among them, Wang Dongsheng, vice general manager of electric supporting business sales company, Xia Lumin, assistant manager of Hebei factory general manager, Guo Weiting of technology R & D department, Lv Chang, manager of quality assurance department, Tianjin Wanda tire leader, Tianjin Wanda attended the quality control conference.


Quality is the essence of enterprise development, Tianjin Wanda tire has been focusing on the control of product quality, with the Tianjin Yadea QC activities, the quality level of Tianjin Wanda tire has also been highly recognized and trust related industry.


In the QC event, Tianjin Wanda tire business department and technical department, the topic according to the weak link of serious quality problems and problems in the work, and the related problems of scene display and explain, for difficult problems to enhance the Tianjin Wanda tire in technology and business to seek better solutions, comprehensive to improve the technology level of Tianjin Wanda tire, improve the status of Tianjin Wanda tire in Chinese in tire industry.


In the era of change, tire technology in innovation, to survive in the tire enterprise, quality control is not relaxed at the moment. To this end, Wanda tire in Tianjin QC activities finally put forward some new unsolved problems, summarize the success and shortcomings of the activity in terms of procedures and applications, so as to enhance team cohesion and endless enterprising spirit.


Tianjin Wanda tire has always been adhering to the core values of focus, innovation, trust, responsibility, dedication "concept, strict product quality, and actively practice the customer oriented strategy, to the user's actual needs as the goal, continue to provide high quality products for users and suppliers, to become a trusted tire manufacturer.


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